It has taken me 6 years to perfect the way in which we pack our plants.  I am extremely proud that damages are never heard of.  The way in which Jo-Anna Cottage Plants has perfected its packaging is something I try to keep as a trade secret but each plant is individually wrapped and packed in a manner so that if the courier turned the parcel upside down it would not get damaged.  Even our carriers who have witnessed us packaging have said that we are over cautious and they would withstand being crushed and thrown.  Labelling is placed all over the box including fragile and this way up tape.  So I do guarantee that you will receive your plants in perfect condition.  This does mean we are not the cheapest for postage and packing.  Courier costs, packaging materials and the packing itself is labour n and manual but I believe that quality is more important than the disappointment of opening a box of crushed and damaged plants and all the hassles that follow.  PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER, we do offer a big discount on the postage of any further plants you purchase as follows:…….



You are not charged the full price of postage on each item you purchase and I also offer a capped postage cost regardless of how much you purchase.


Costs are as follows:

9cm Pot & 1 Litre Pots:   £3.99 postage for the first plant and just £1 extra for each additional plant of this pot size you purchase.

2 Litre Pot:   £5.99 postage for the first plant and just £2 extra for each additional plant of this pot size your purchase.

3 Litre Pot:   £6.99 postage for the first plant and just £2 extra for each additional plant of this pot size you purchase.

Bulbs:   All free post.


These are economy prices .  I generally use Hermes and I now have no issues with this carrier. due to our packaging methods.  However please contact us if you have a driver/depot that is not great in your area so that I can look at alternatives.



This means that regardless how much you purchase, you will only pay £12.99 and all postage charges of £12.99 will be automatically sent by overnight carrier.   I use UPS who are the best overnight carrier we have ever used.



If however you live in the Highlands, Northern Ireland or any of the other UK Islands, it costs in the region of £30 – £70 to send an overnight Service so I will have to down grade your service to economy.  If your order weighs too much, I will have to remove pots and some of the compost equal care will be taking in packaging and again, we have never yet had a problem with damage.



I am a small cottage Industry business and will never rush an order to compromise on quality.  Despatch is generally 3 to a maximum of 5 days and often a quicker than this.  However, if you need by a set date or in a hurry, this may be possible.  Just make contact with me first so that I can ensure I can accommodate your requirements.  I would rather over quote on delivery period rather than disappoint.  Please also click here to see our terms and conditions of sale for further information as I explain in more detail the reasons why delays can occur such as freezing conditions, heatwaves, despatches due just before a weekend on a Friday.


If you have any questions at all, please contact me using the form below so that I can try and assist.  I will always reply with 24 hours maximum.