Jo-Anna Cottage Plants sells a wide variety of plants staggered across the year and all depending on the season.  Typically cottage garden plants but I do sell modern, structural and house plants from time to time.  Keep returning regularly to see what we have new available.  You can also visit our Facebook page for regular updates and in time my regular blog on this site.  Other items that we sell at various times of the year are:


  • Bulbs
  • Christmas Wreaths
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Shrubs
  • Grasses
  • Ferns
  • Roses
  • Fruit Plants
  • Bare Root Perennials
  • Aromatherapy Oils
  • Aromatherapy Products
  • Florist Sundries
  • Non fragrant Candles
  • Essential Oil Candles
  • Fragrance Oil Candles

and many more seasonal products.


You will find on this tab of the navigation bar:


Our Shop – to view the items just select the relevant arrow from this tab on the navigation bar or as a short cut you can click here.   Please note that we may not have everything in stock at the time but they will show.  If there are any items you want you can send a message via the contact form at the base of the page and I will reply no later than within 48 hours.

Postage Costs – you can establish how we charge for postage and packing.  Your first item is charged at the full price and each additional item at a much reduced cost.  The maximum postage cost you will pay is £12.99 regardless of the size of your order.  Again, to view the costs just select the relevant arrow on this tab of the navigation bar or as a short cut you can, click here.

Terms & Conditions of Sale – All companies have to have them.  It’s not a phrase I like to use as to me it implies hidden small print; however, I have to include something and it is not small print!  I prefer to refer to them as a meeting of expectations.  I believe it is best to be honest about the way in which I run my business which is all about quality.  Weather conditions, bank holidays, unseasonable weather and busy periods can cause some delays in despatch which I explain on the terms and conditions page so that you are aware.  There is not point in sending a plant over a hot weekend, after all, it will arrive baked or dead, so I prefer to use common sense.  I explain about all of this and more on the Terms & Conditions page. Again, to view this page  just select the relevant arrow on this tab of the navigation bar or as a short cut you can Click here to visit the page.


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If you have any queries, please email us our complete the form below.  I will always respond at the very latest within 48 hours.